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William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1825-1905), "The Youth of Bacchus," (1884)

Saturday, Oct. 31    (Samhain) ’09         (3:30 PM)

I went with some friends of mine (including Charles Stein, David Levi Strauss & Raymond Foye) to a place in Accord, NY, where two rivers meet: the Rondout & Rochester Creek (formerly called the Mombaccus Kill). I’ve been fascinated by this spot for years. Although it possesses great geomantic atmosphere it remains unmarked & unknown to tourists.

In the 18th century Dutch colonists noticed that Indians had carved a Face in a sycamore tree on this spit of land, & called it Mum Bacchus, the Mask of Dionysus. Ethnographers agree that this figure must have been Maysingwey, the Bear God & “Master of the Game”, chief deity of the local Algonkans (Esopus, Munsee, Mohican, etc.)



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