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Culty church seeks a younger demographic to continue it’s signature mass arranged marriages:

Men are on one side of the room, women on the other. Matched or engaged couples sit at the back. They open with songs from the ’60s — “Eight Days a Week” and “If I Had a Hammer” — anthems from their parents’ generation. These are “blessed children” — according to church doctrine, they were born without original sin because their parents were married by Moon, whom they consider the Messiah.

Their plan? Update the music.

Plus: Another win for Pagans, the Dalai Lama isn’t worried about fancy stuff, fashion designer says don’t buy clothes, and I don’t know what to think about the Internet anymore.



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Imagine this in uniform.

The US Airforce is dedicating a patch of US Airforce land to practice the pagan arts

“The Air Force Academy has defended its policy to make a place for witchcraft on its campus as an expression of its commitment to cadet’s freedom of religion”

And yet men who like to kiss each other are still not allowed to openly get shot at in order to protect the rights of men who like to kiss each other…

Plus: The Jesus Diet may not work, Haiti is still a mess, jobs or moon base – you decide, and why cocky self-help gurus are extremely dangerous…

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Self-reflection is always hard.

Republicans love tests so much they’ve decided to test themselves:

“It urges leaders of local, state and national Republican parties to ‘carefully screen’ the voting record and positions of Republican candidates that want party backing, and determine whether they ‘wholeheartedly support the core principles and positions’ of the party as laid out in its platform.”

At least now we’ll have a better idea why they tick us off so much…

Plus: Capitalism love stories, Caveman had the right idea when it comes to footwear, birds are dinosaurs, and the Ukraine just wants a daddy like the rest of us…


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Russian dance “tribute” to Aborigines offensive to Aborigines (shocker!)

“They have got the whole thing wrong,” said Stephen Page, artistic director of the respected indigenous group, the Bangarra Dance Company. Page said there were no traditional movements in the routine, the music sounded more like it came from India or Africa than Aboriginal Australia and the body paint looked like “a three-year-old child had drawn it on….”

For doubters, think of it this way: Imagine you are Italian. And then some “black kids” come to your door smothered in grease, wearing giant mustaches, and dressed in pizza costumes saying “Eh… look-a at-a me-a… I’m-a an a Italian-a.” Then imagine all but twenty “real Italians” remain in the world because the rest were killed by State-sponsored genocide. You’d be a little antsy too.

Plus: Uganda doesn’t like living gay people; the mixed messages of war; a 16-year-old girl sets sail around the world; and most American’s dislike Islam (and the Jews)…


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