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Chaos Magick ritual involving teleconferencing

The quite lovable Phil Hine, author of Condensed Chaos and man of many interests has a new piece up on his Enfolding site title “Occult gender regimes: Polarity and the body electric,” which is just a grand ole read. Hine has been going just where I’d like to see chaots headed these days: identity politics. Not that that’s exactly what Hine is talking about, and not that that’s exactly what I feel like talking about, but I think it’s good for chaos magick as a whole. In this most recent piece Hine discusses the roots of the energetic polarities we’re so keen on regurgitating (masculine and feminine) and how we might reconsider these.

“Its not unusual to see arguments for polarity supported by exhortations to think of how polarity “works” in terms of electricity, magnetism, or the generic, all-encompassing term “energy”. My contention here, is that the explanations of sex/gender polarity which are underwritten by appeals to “energies” of various kinds did not pop out of nowhere and that, despite ahistorical appeals to esoteric tradition or the energy systems of “ancient cultures”, the roots of these discourses can be traced back to concepts which emerged in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, particularly with reference to electricity and thermodynamics, and the technologies of the industrial age – telegraphy for example, which were used to create new understanding of bodies in energetic terms.”

In other chaos news…

Peter J. Carroll, considered to be one of the originators of chaos magick and founder of the Rebel Physics website, has got a new-ish (5/18/2010) piece up titled “A New Paradigm of Science and Sorcery:Physics and the Magician, Part Two” that deals with the concept of “metadynamics,” which according to him

“attempts to provide a paradigm of Science and Sorcery. To do this it shows how the three-dimensional transactional time in the HD8 interpretation of quantum and particle physics could allow divination and enchantment to occur.”

Confusing? Maybe this will help:

“Metadynamics, the study of our fundamental ideas about what phenomena actually do, has become perhaps humanity’s most powerful and least recognized tool for understanding the universe. The great concepts of causality, chance, probability, symmetry, and the conservation laws all fall within the remit of what I would call Metadynamics, and they all dominate the way we perceive the world and act in it to such an extent that we rarely stop to question these concepts.”

I’ve long been intimidated by Carroll’s foray into things “meta-” and “dynamic” but find this most recent article to be just about digestible, if not entirely satisfying to taste. Enjoy!


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“This is normal in zomba,*” I said, beginning the wedding in my home a few weeks ago. The bride stood before me, my 46-year-old friend Paul (not his real name) as his cross-dressing persona Jodi. Paul explains it best:

“Before I started cross-dressing, there were things I didn’t like about myself—things that I thought were too feminine about me. I thought my chin was weak, so I grew a goatee to give it a more masculine look. I was embarrassed about my wrists—too thin and delicate for a man. My voice, although deep in a way, also had a feminine touch to it.


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