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Name: Melinda
Spotted: Subway, NYC

NOT: What’s your influence for what you’re wearing?

Melinda: The sixties girl groups and the Ronettes, also Sophia Loren. Part belly dancer maybe. My boyfriend, he likes Lady Gaga, and he wants me to dye my hair blond. I did that once, and I got a lot of attention, but I always get a lot of attention. I guess I do have an unusual look, but I’m just so used to it.


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“This is a culture.”


Name: Angel Manuel DeGarcia
Spotted: Broadway & 12th, NYC

NOT: Could you tell us about what you’re wearing?

Angel: This is a culture. It comes from Mali through Sudan, influenced by the sixties when we were deprived of knowing who we were, and colleges were not feeding us education about our culture. Dashikis were worn back in the day which was a stepping stone for me in learning the cultural patterns on top of Malcolm X and the times, both politically and socially. All of this synthesized into a kind of learning period for me. I took all of this knowledge and internalized it. And this is your transformation.


Sent in by Onalistus Reveler and Daisy Jane Danger.

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