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Links provided by the lovely Ernski.

Elf tells mall Santa that he’s carrying dynamite.
“Santa notified mall security and Morrow police quickly arrested the 5 feet tall, 108 pound Caldwell.” Tall elf. Shorter man.

Plus: Jews Gone Wild, Christmas Trees for a cool mil., annoying people saying annoying things, fruit cake, and more!!! All after the break.



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Our friends in the Moorish Orthodox Church hipped us to a resurgence in Krampus appreciation over in Europe. Krampus, by the way, is Santa’s naughty counterpart, and according to one MOCer has a “predilection for sex with women and especially enjoys whipping their buttocks with a birch switch.”


A new article in Reason by Jesse Walker on the matter is here.

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The Dutch Saint Nikolaas

The 17th Century is pretty…um… contemporary for the New Old Traditions, but I assume that the figure of Saint Nicolas will emerge eventually, so I would like to call attentions to an upcoming event by the Culinary Historians of New York addressing the Dutch vision of St. Nicolas. Think of it as sort of a middle notch in the time line of meaningful tradition.

Besides, St. Nicolas, the patron saint of children and merchants (coincidence? can’t be) happens to be a really interesting character… wikipedia (always right) gives us the following:


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