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Time always passed... 13th or 14th century Runic Calendar found in Lapland.

It’s easy to think of the holidays as being few and far between. This perception, however, as we have seen here at These New Old Traditions, is basically false. Holidays are certainly special, but they are also plentiful. Days to mark and honor the passing year are constantly popping up—at least once a month—no matter what New Old Tradition a Reveler feels most aligned with.

Despite this abundance, These New Old Traditions is also aware that specific holidays are not the only opportunity we have to honor this special planet, and our special relationship to it. The question is: How in our crowded calendars and concrete landscapes can Revelers such as us remember to stay connected to our ordinary days?



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Frigga Spinning the Clouds from "Myths of the Norsemen from the Eddas and Sagas" by H. A. Guerber

It’s Friday the 13th and These New Old Traditions want to celebrate. Turns out that most superstitions stating that Friday the 13th is unlucky are pretty recent conventions, but there are some theories that trace the day’s bad rep back to the Pagan Norse goddess Frigg, an important and fabulous goddess of love (she’ll show up again when we start exploring mistletoe) who was demonized as a witch by over-ambitious Christians and banished.


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