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My grandparents believed, as Revelations said, that the earth would be consumed with fire. They believed this would happen via nuclear weapons, because in the mid-80’s, this seemed a quite realistic scenario. Sure, the good folks would go to heaven and the bad folks would die and go to hell, but as a little kid, I was scared shitless. Personally, I liked life on earth, and I wanted to keep living.

After explaining all this to my daughter, I got back to my original point, that the words “apocalypse” and “revelations” are not scary to me anymore. Revelations means to reveal, and apocalypse means to uncover. I recently put together a collection of folktales, subtitled, “Paradise Apocalypse,” meaning “Paradise Uncovered,” because I believe we have the power to remember the garden that grows beneath our feet.



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Imagine this in uniform.

The US Airforce is dedicating a patch of US Airforce land to practice the pagan arts

“The Air Force Academy has defended its policy to make a place for witchcraft on its campus as an expression of its commitment to cadet’s freedom of religion”

And yet men who like to kiss each other are still not allowed to openly get shot at in order to protect the rights of men who like to kiss each other…

Plus: The Jesus Diet may not work, Haiti is still a mess, jobs or moon base – you decide, and why cocky self-help gurus are extremely dangerous…

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We Revelers in the New Old Tradition wish to welcome our latest contributor, Myra Eddy, to the New Old Tradition tuath of tasty truths. In addition to writing the two-part feature on unschooling and unworking, Myra puts out The Village Magazine and has recently finished a book of and on folktales.

It is a blessing to have Myra Eddy as part of our growing team and community. Many best witches to her, and may the muses dance enticingly around her mind-grapes.

Hail! Hail!

The Revelers

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"She drew her friends and family as one-eyed pirates." By Kid Khalia, age 4

In part 1 of this special feature, our comrade from the Upper Midwest, Myra Eddy, discusses her reasons for unschooling her child and the wonderful benefits the two have gained.

I admit it. I do it because I’m selfish. I want my time for myself. When I think of the time I would have to spend away from my family to earn more than bare living expenses, it becomes so precious that I cannot put a price on that time. We are a post-civilized stay-at-home family. Of course we don’t always stay at home. As Grace Llewellyn writes in The Teenage Liberation Handbook: how to quit school and get a real life and education, “The idea is to catch more of the world, not less.”


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