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The time has come, We Revelers.

The time has come to say “Thank you” and “Goodnight.”

As of today we will no longer be posting new material on the site. It has been a truly wonderful experience, and it is definitely sad to see it end. But thems is the breaks and new and exciting projects are a callin’.

Thank you to all our writers whose unique visions and inquisitive natures have made the pages of These New Old Traditions a sparkly delight.

Thank you to all our readers, for it is because of you that These New Old Traditions carried on as long as She did.

I wish you all the best bartering may yield.

Onward and Upward.


You may find the continued writings of our founder over at Not New York.


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Finding places where people gather to worship Kali–the aspect of God that, among other things, severs your head–is not necessarily an easy task. While there’s nothing particularly secretive about Kali worship, diaspora communities who take Kali as their primary deity–the people you want to meet–aren’t necessarily interested in proselytizing to people outside the diaspora, and thus do not send up smoke signals calling spiritual exiles to the faith. Rather, for Americans wishing to find people venerating Muktakeshi [She with Disheveled Hair] they must often be in the presence of either Ammachi the “hugging guru,” or California sadhu and kirtan wala, Bhagavan Das, both of whom give much respect to the great Mother of the World, Jagadamba. Yet, while both are inspiring enough people, neither represent what I am looking for.

Read the rest over at Not New York

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Last year was a great year for These New Old Traditions, with all sorts of interesting pieces coming down the wire. Here’s a list of the top ten most read pieces:

10. PLAYING NORDIC: The fine line between honoring one’s own heritage and creepy white pride cultishness…, by Onalistus Reveler
“Conservatives befriending pagan traditions (often specifically Heathenism, also known as Germanic Paganism) hover so close to the ideas of the men’s movement, and to supposedly ‘post-racial” concepts of racial solidarity, you just wish sometimes they’d take off their Norse helmet and be like, Look. We take pride in being white. We relish in dated concepts of ‘maleness.’ And, we believe ethnic purity is a real thing that should be preserved. Instead, so many PagaCons try and hide their racism beneath the leaves on their Odin altar, burying their bigotry in notions of ‘roots’ and ‘heritage.'”

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Chaos Magick mastermind extraordinaire, Phil Hine, just made available digital formats of all his Chaos International articles. From his website enfolding.org:

A friend recently asked me if I had any of my old contributions to Chaos International magazine in digital format. I’ve scanned all the articles I think are worth hanging onto (mostly written under my own name, with a few using the pseudonyms “Kalkinath” or “Cliff Othick”) and collected them into a zip file which can be downloaded from Mediafire (zip is about 76mb): http://www.mediafire.com/?03bxcf7e4eknny4

Particularly great is his piece on sodomy and spirituality recalling a time when his boyfriend put a bottle in his boom-boom.

Enjoy! (It’s about 76 MBs of stuff, so make room).

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Guess what? Now we’ve got a local branch run by our very own Onalistus Reveler. The word is that he’ll be covering NYC’s vibrant (and especially marginal) spiritual scenes. Exciting! But don’t worry, he’ll be writing here still as well. All is goooooood!

NOT NEW YORK website
NOT NEW YORK facebook

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"Poem" by Bob Grenier

At 3rd Ward in Brooklyn, NY. To sign up, go here.

“At its most basic, writing poetry is to experiment with letters, words, sounds, and symbols. Keeping that in mind, we will look at poetry in this class not as a static sub-genre of writing, but rather as the very basis of writing itself. We will experiment with the idea of “text-as-textile” in an effort to re-experience writing as something that can be handled and manipulated.


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During the months of October and November I had the privilage of being witness to a number of brandy spankin’ new religions being made manifest in my “Start Yr Own Religion” class at 3rd Ward in Brooklyn, NY. I will being profiling these this week.

Stay tuuuuned….

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