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Does this count as tradition?

As we alllll know, later this week most people in America are going to stop what they are doing and cook up a giant bird along with a pile of season-appropriate side dishes. They’ll chatter, drink, and connect themselves to the rest of their national community through parades and sports. Well, some of them will….



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Club some seals, and other ways to have an authentic Thanksgiving

How to celebrate like the Pilgrims did it. Those awful, awful Pilgrims
By Sean O’Neal November 23, 2009

Excerpted from A.V. Club Milwaukee

America has a proud history of taking its most sacred holidays and allowing shrewd marketing types to distort them beyond all recognition—as with Thanksgiving, when we celebrate the first breaking of bread between Plymouth colonists and the American Indians they eventually drove to near-extinction by stuffing ourselves with deep-fried turduckens and watching college football. But you don’t have to take part in this travesty. Here are some tips for celebrating Thanksgiving exactly like the Pilgrims that will make you a better American than everyone else.


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A memory of spring...

The omnivores at New Old Tradition Halloween sunk their teeth into the sweet and succulent oven barbecued chicken legs. A tasty treat we took between our fingers and ripped apart with our teeth, connecting us quickly to our primal roots. We are thankful for the tender meat which nourished us and hope that the humble preparation was enough  to honor the sacrifice of the beasts.

However, Revelers who abstain from the consumption of animal life should not despair… because in this case, like so many others, the secret was in the sauce… and the sauce in this case revealed a connection to the seasons, to simple technology barely changed for centuries, and to the discerning palates of previous generations.

Recipe for Victorian Rhubarb Barbecue Sauce to follow…


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The passing of time throughout the year may be understood as a story involving two main characters, the Moon and the Sun, who every year play out their comedic tragedy of life, death, and rebirth, providing a narrative and reason to gather for all people.

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