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In 1998, I was working with my erstwhile fiancé, a gifted graphic designer, on a book-length project filled with art, essays and interviews. Previously I had edited two well-received ‘zines including The Eulessynian Hot Tub Mystery Religion, which netted me dozens of new friends. In the subsequent years I had accumulated a wealth of material intended for the new project. Reaching out to artists and writers I admired, I was overwhelmed with contributions. Sadly, the project never came to fruition and a few years later my creative partnership ended in an equitable divorce. Of the material I had accrued, almost half was lost irrevocably in a computer crash. Until last week I thought that my interview with post-porn artist and feminist Annie Sprinkle, who had been very kind and accommodating in responding to emailed questions, was lost. Last week I uncovered a cache of documents, including said interview which, after 13 years, appears here for the first time. After so many years, I want to thank Annie Sprinkle for her time and thought.



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Yesterday’s piece on menstruation by Abby Roan challenged the pharmaceutical practice of numbing (read: sweeping under the rug) the uncomfortable bits of a woman’s moon cycle. Today we bring you a piece by semio-mystic explorer, Baraka B, who looks at pain as an opportunity to expose the blind spots of the self. —We Revelers

If you are wounded, know that people have been wounded likewise. Those are the days of changing fortunes to which We subject humankind, that God may know those who disbelieve.
—Qur’an 3:140

When disconnected from the sticky web of emotion, pain remains a mind-body response to something discomforting. In conventional terms, pain is considered to be the direct result of something that hurts and is therefore not good. In unconventional terms we know that pain is the result of what is perceived as not good, and it is only after investigation when we can determine if this perception was accurate—useful—or simply a crutch for the ego to balance on.

If I were to place my hand in a bear trap and have someone activate it, (more…)

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